Just In Case You Missed…

Over the last few months, the 22 Teachings faculty along with some incredible guest teachers have presented new courses, rituals and offerings to deepen our work and magical practice. Just in case you missed any, all of them are available as video recordings.


Offered by William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press as part of the 22 Teachings Master Series

Summum Bonum: Ascending the Magic Mountain is a 4-part course that engages the cosmological symbolism of the sacred mountain as a path of magical affirmation. This course includes ritual and ceremonial practical application and is suggested for students who have some experience with Hermetic Qabalah.

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Newly structured and expanded, this 9-part course covers everything from Psychic Protection and Subtle Body Anatomy to Guides, Altars, Magical tools, and so much more. Designed for students to explore the magical landscape of their life both inside and out.

Gain great self-knowledge, learn how to trust your intuition, and empower yourself. Find out more here

Now offered as a video course for students who wish to study at their own pace

Tarot School: Learn to Read the Tarot

In this 9-week course, you don’t just learn to read tarot, you get into the soul of the cards. To purchase the video recordings, please click here

Ritual Training

 Invocation of the Keys: The Alchemical Ritual & Gematria of the AM Lodge

One of the central rituals of the AM Lodge,  this ritual combines Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, the magic of the sacred Hebrew alephbet, Vibration, Visualization, and working with the Tree of Life to create an alchemical formula of intonation which calls forth specific Keys of the Major Arcana, and then activates their energies in the Creative world, for any purpose like greater integration, amplification or transmutation

Rite of the Six-Rayed Star Ritual Training with Naha

The Rite of the Six-Rayed Star is used for bringing the Magician’s higher and lower selves together in harmony, honoring both the human and spiritual aspects, bringing them into balance and integration as an interior alchemical wedding.


Tarot Readers Roundtable with Naha and Noelle – Clarifying your questions about your tarot practice

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Special Guest William Kiesel joins Naha for the Magicians Roundtable again to discuss all things magic

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Vanessa Baltodano joins Naha in the Magicians Roundtable to discuss Earth Magic, dreams, ancestral healing, the emotional body and discovering your spiritual path

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Under the Blue Rose: a 2-part Presentation on the Occult Themes of David Lynch with William Kiesel

This two-part lecture explores the work of David Lynch. William offers insights on how to view Lynch’s art through a Qabalistic lens, using hermetic thought as the basis of inquiry. From there, he gives examples spanning seemingly unrelated works, tying everything into a bow under a blue rose. 

Introduction to Hebrew for Mystics
2-Part Workshop with 22 Teachings Hebrew teacher Tami Havton

This series is offered as a supplemental course to assist students with the proper writing, pronunciation, and transliteration of the Hebrew language as it is used in the Western Hermetic Tradition.

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Part of the 22 Teachings Master Series, Llctures with alchemist, artist and filmmaker Brian Cotnoir

He occasionally gives talks and has presented workshops and seminars around the world on various aspects of alchemical theory and practice based on his research. 

Architecture of Initiation: Alchemy and the Theater of Memory & Surrealism as Alchemical Magickal Practice


Arboretum Mysticum Lodge

“The Nativot, Letters and Keys: The Mystical Alephbet and Major Arcana, a 22-part working

3/6/2021 – “Key 4, The Emperor and the Letter Heh” 
3/13/2021 – “Key 5, The Hierophant and the Letter Vav”
3/20/2021 – “Key 6, The Lovers and the Letter Zayin” 
3/27/2021 – “Key 7, The Chariot and the Letter Chet”
4/3/2021 – “Key 8, Strength and the Letter Tet” (Free Download)
4/10/2021 – “Key 9, The Hermit and the Letter Yod”
4/17/2021 – “Key 10, Wheel of Fortune and the Letter Kaph”
4/24/2021 – “Key 11, Justice and the Letter Lamed”
5/1/2021 – “Key 12, The Hanged Man and the Letter Mem
5/8/2021 – “Key 13, Death and the Letter Nun
5/15/2021 – “Key 14, Temperance and the Letter Samech
5/22/2021 – “Key 15, The Devil and the Letter Ayin
5/29/2021 – “Key 16, The Tower and the Letter Peh

We hope you find these offerings illuminating and activating in your work as magical practitioners. If you have any questions, please reach us at 22teachings@gmail.com. Thank you to everyone who is part of the 22 Teachings magical community.