Reflections on Jupiter in Pisces By faculty astrologer A.M. Penn

Jupiter will ingress Pisces on December 28, 2021, at 8:09 PM (PST), and the energy may be reminiscent of the time between mid-May and late-July when Jupiter was most recently expanding mutable water energy.

Jupiter is the classical ruler of Pisces and the greater benefic feels at home here. Skillful usage and manifestation of this placement will help facilitate emotional depth, spiritual connection, glamour, and expansive imagination. Unskilled outcomes of the placement can include deception, confusion, escapism, addiction, and loss of personal freedoms (especially by large institutions).

Jupiter in Pisces can be extremely beguiling, artistic, fun-loving (possibly even wild), spiritually connected, and emotionally empathic, and April of 2022 will be an especially potent time for this energy, as Jupiter meets up with the other planet of growth and co-ruler of Pisces, Neptune. 

Pisces is a sign that can facilitate expansion beyond boundaries to the point of murkiness, confusion, and dilution. So, if you find yourself experiencing a loss of personal power in the year ahead work to add Saturnian structure – we can think of Jupiter as the air and Saturn as the balloon. If you feel like you’re “spinning your wheels” or “over doing it” think about creating a container or system that will help better define your efforts.

If you experience this timeframe as relatively grounded, then give yourself freedom to dream big – fantasy and imagination help us to conceptualize the blueprint by which reality can one day be built. The distinction to be emphasized here however, is that imagination is not the same as actual creation.

As Jupiter makes its way through a sign, it is often so large that it kicks out the “skeletons in the closet” of that energy, pushing them above the surface and out into the public eye. Such as the “Me Too” movement of Jupiter in Scorpio, dealing with taboo power dynamics, or the most recent unprecedented and shocking pandemic of Jupiter in Aquarius.  In 2022 we may see admissions of abuses of power by large institutions, addictions made public, or deception on a large scale – especially in the areas of spirituality, mind-altering substances/practices, media, incarceration practices, water rights/quality, or rehabilitation programs.

This will be a transit that is active through the Winter Solstice of December 2022, with a lacuna as Jupiter is in Aries from mid-May to late-October. As this energy pairing is comparable to the 9 of cups in the minor arcana of the tarot – may you experience blessings of emotional fulfilment and a wish-come-true in the year ahead.

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