FOOLS DAY 2022 All Day Free Teachings

22 Teachings presents our annual holiday FOOLS DAY – A sublime celebration and gift from our teachers to our amazing students.

Fools Day began as a tradition in 2017 with the Arboretum Mysticum Lodge– celebrated not by pranking and practical jokes, in fact quite the opposite – by doing random acts of kindness.

This year we have gathered all of our faculty and some incredible special guest to offer you a full day of teachings, insights, training, ritual, art, sound, and movement. There will be giveaways and other surprises throughout the day.

This event is completely FREE, all you have to do is log on to Zoom

Join Zoom Meeting Friday April 1st 10am to 8pm PST

There are just a few things that we ask in exchange:
1. Please do your best to tune in at the start of a workshop and stay until the end of that particular session (most are about 30 minutes) This is a matter of being respectful to our teachers who are offering their time, energy and wisdom.

2. “Pass it on” by then doing a random act of kindness for someone else.

We will be online from 10am PST until 8pm. Come for an hour or two, or stay all day!

Scroll down for offering descriptions

Please share with your friends and we will see you on the 1st.

Blessings, Naha


ALL TIMES ARE PST and also subject to change

10AM Opening Rites with Naha
10:30 The Zero Point Restoration with Andrew Martin
11:25 From Cosmic Void to Light with Tessa Pappas
12:15. The Container of Saturn with AM Penn
12:50 Crescentine Lore of Al-Butain with William Kiesel
1:45 The Fool does Yoga with Stacy Harris
2:20 The Fool, Aries Season and Risks with Theresa Reed
2:55 Writing the Air Pentagram with Frank Paul
3:30 The Warriors Path with Marza Millar
4:30 Inter-Transmission with Sophia of Divine Void
5:05 Magic for Fools with Naha
5:40 Hebrew for Mystics Roundtable with Tami Havton
6:25 Black New Moon in Aries “Berkana” with Vanessa Baltodano
7:10 The Sacred Fools Journey in Magical F. Sound Bath with Natasha Severino
7:45 Air Ritual and Closing Rites with Naha

Opening Rites with Naha:
Our head of faculty opens the Temple in Qabalistic High Magic and all are encouraged to join in – LBRP, LBRH, Invocation of the Fool.

Zero Point Restoration with Andrew MartinEnergy Intuitive and Transformation Guide

Working with my new team of guides, Tau, we will work through the body bringing in the energy of the zero point. The Fool is signified by the number zero; the pure potential, the unfertilized egg. To me, The Fool represents the purest self. The child who doesn’t know what they don’t know. As they are unaware of what they are capable of, we see that they are capable of anything and everything. From the zero point, our history of limitation and restriction collapses, returning us to the state of Pure Divine Potential.”

From the Cosmic Void to the Light: A Necessary Part of the Fool’s Journey with Tessa Pappas – Tarot Reader, Astrologist, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher of the Mysteries
“The Fool is associated with joy, new beginnings, and taking a leap of faith. What makes this energy so bright? Why don’t we experience Fool energy all the time? When does the Fool show up for us? My contemplations led me to find connections between Pisces, Aries, and the Fool. Shedding light on why the Fool is so expansive and open—the answer lies in where he comes from and what he is connecting to. In my offering, I’ll share these insights and honor the dark journey we all must go through to get to the light of the Fool.”
Please bring your journal and tarot cards

The Container of Saturn with A.M. Penn – 22 Teachings Faculty Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Teacher
While The Fool is the first tarot attribution of the netivot in the process of involution, The World or philosophical Saturn, is a correspondence of the first netivot in the process of evolution. Utilizing the tarot, the tree of life of Hermetic Qabalah, and astrology, 22 Teaching’s faculty astrologer A.M. Penn will share insights on some of the qualities of containment offered by the farthest of the classical planets.

Crescentine Lore of Al-Butain with William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press, Mortlake and Co. and 22 Teachings Faculty
This Fool’s Day the Moon will traverse Al-Butain, the second mansion in
the Lunar Zodiac. As a New Moon this is a great opportunity to set new
intentions and begin work toward manifestation. In this presentation
William will delve into the Arcana associated with this mansion
including its angel who teaches about the Guarded Tablet, as well as
discussing traditional Sufi teachings surrounding the principles of this
important metaphysical concept. 

The Fool does Yoga: A Shamanic Journey through the Elements
with Stacy Harris – Healer, Shaman, Magician.
Using the Four magical elemental signs and sigils in relation to a Sun salutation in a guided shamanic journey – trustingly step off the cliffs edge and fly to the sun and stars, then cool off in the healing waters.
*Bring a rattle, shaker or bottle of vitamins and a journal to record your experience.
@goddessgarage @echoparknrgrrl

The Fool, Aries Season and Risk with Theresa Reed – The Tarot Lady – author of many books, including Tarot: No Questions Asked – Mastering the Art of Intuitive Reading,
Theresa is a master teacher with over 30 years of experience as a professional tarot reader and astrologer and we are so grateful to have her as our very special guest at Fools Day.
“We’ll be talking about the role risk plays in our lives through the lens of Aries season and the Fool card. I’ll also share a spread to do when you’re thinking about taking a leap of faith.”

Writing the Pentagram of Air with Frank Paul – 22 Teachings Tarot Reader and head of Writing Department
Combining magic, psychology and writing, this interdisciplinary workshop guides students to find solutions to their roadblocks. Focusing on the Fool, the element of Air, and the breakthrough energy of Uranus, students will be guided through meditative writing prompts using the invoking pentagram of air as a pathway. By writing students break through their blocks and find new beginnings, creating powerful, healing shifts. At the end, students will turn their free-writes into a prayer to share as an offering.
Please have loose paper and a pen or pencil.

The Warrior’s Path with Marza Millar – herbal alchemist, mystic, medicine woman, wisdom keeper, and ceremonialist.
Connect to your own astral light, the legions of light as the spiritual wars are now on earth…. A self empowerment exercise in Divine light. 

Inter-Transmission with Sophia of Divine Void
*Please use headphones for best experience
Inter-Transmission is a guided journey to where inter-connective loops of energy, timelines, and dimensions meet near a vacuum. Here, your energetic body can expand and oscillate freely to retrieve guidance and reunite fragments of your spirit’s own wisdom, experiences, memories. Through utilizing her personal pathway to open the group to the Akashic field, you will connect and deepen a groove with your own pathway. Through vibrational prompts, wisdom may be transfused on a cellular level, through your nervous system, psychically, or energetically.

Magic for Fools with Naha
Mid-day ritual with our fearless leader.

Hebrew for Mystics Roundtable with Tami Havton – 22 Teachings Hebrew teacher
Stories from our beloved instructor and answering your questions about Hebrew in the context of your magical practice. Tami will be joined by Naha, and will give us insights on the magical language of the Western Mystery Tradition.

Black New Moon in Aries Ritual Working “Berkana” with Vanessa Baltodano: 22 Teachings head of Dream Studies, Faery Tradition, Lunar Rituals, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer and Ancestral Healing Teacher.
On April 1st the New Moon enters the sign of Aries at 2:24am EDT, the second New Moon in a month, the third New Moon in a series of four in a single astronomical cycle earning its title “Black New Moon”. Vanessa sees this as an amplified opportunity to tap into the richness of darkness and is inspired to lead you in a New Moon ritual where she will connect you to the infinite possibilities that reside in nothingness and the “all that is.” With the assistance of the rune, Berkana, you will have a chance to cultivate and nourish new life from a planted seed within this darkness, in alignment of the energy of new beginnings and in resonance with the heart of “The Fool.” 

To best prepare for this ritual have with you: 
An intention 
New Candle 
Lighter or match


The Sacred Fools Journey in Magical F. Soundbath with Natasha Severino
*Please use headphones for best experience

This is a story of a Fool who embarks on a path of self healing and self discovery. This Fool, believing that they are heading in one direction, quickly gets derailed by Spirit. They soon find out that God has other plans installed for them and they find themselves on a sacred path to their own Divinity. 

The musical note traditionally associated with the ‘Heart’ Chakra is F. The Fool would never have been able to embark on this magical journey without the softening, opening and healing of their heart first, allowing this frequency of unconditional love to lead the way to their highest destiny. 
If you can, have a comfortable place to lie down with a pillow/blanket, an eye mask, and a memory stone, portal key or recording crystal (wizard’s choice)

Closing Rites and Blessings with Naha