22 Teachings Student Newspaper

Coming soon! We need your voice.


1 (While there may be contributions from faculty and staff) The purpose of the student press first and foremost is an opportunity to give a voice to the students both local and abroad and to build a greater sense of community and connection.
2 To provide a forum for students to share their thoughts and experiences, and the works produced as a result of training or coursework (i.e. poetry, self discoveries, Fools Journey, Chart interpretations, results of meditations or workings)
3  To shed light on opinions, issues or areas of concern in the modern magical landscape (or the world in general?)
4 To encourage students to share their talents and give a glimpse into their magical life beyond academia.
5 To be an opportunity for students to refine their writing and voice their perspectives for those interested in authorship or journalism.
6 To report news about the school, highlight upcoming events and share our vision that we are building towards.