22 Teachings Student Book Club

For 3 weeks in June, 22 Teachings will be hosting a student-led virtual book club for the discussion and exploration of W.E. Butlers book Lords of Light https://amzn.to/2MlXAgk


This important introduction to the Western Mystery Tradition in the lineage of Dion Fortune has long been a favorite of the students and faculty of the school.

The book discussion will take place over 3 weeks:

June 6th Week 1:

– Introduction 

– the western tradition 

– the rubbish in the back room

– the ghosts in the parlor

June 13th Week 2: 

– the actors in the lounge

– the fire down below

– Adonai Interna

June 20th Week 3

– the withdrawn Order

– Woven Paces and Waving Hands

– Q&A and wrap up

Price to attend is $9 and will grant you access to all 3 weeks. Register HERE

This discussion will be facilitated by professional Tarot Reader, ceremonial magician, and long-time student of 22 Teachings Jessica Chappell of Tarot de Baja

Jessica has always been a seeker. Her journey into the metaphysical began at a young age where she started collecting crystals and working with the tarot. For 6+ years she’s been a student of 22 Teachings. She looks at reading tarot as a way to explore our human experience through hidden knowledge and a way to connect with our higher selves to receive clarification, confirmation, and the nudge required to make the changes our souls are secretly craving. A recently retired techie, she opened a tarot salon called Tarot de Baja in Todos Santos, Mexico and is doing tarot readings full time.