Fools Day 2023 Wrap up


Good magic, folks. What an absolutely wonderful weekend.

Huge thanks to our faculty who worked non-stop to make this happen, to all of our teachers who shared their wisdom, our artists and makers who shared their creativity, and everyone who attended either in-person or virtually who brought the warmest reception and gratitude.

We want to make sure you can continue to find those who presented their workshops, art, or otherwise. Here is a list of everyone and where to find them

Fools Day Follow Up


Mortlake & Co.

Ouroboros Press


Theresa Reed – Tarot Spread “Not so foolish decisions”

Gabriela Herstik – Sacred Medicine of the Rose Meditation

Marcella Kroll – Spiritual Fitness for Magical People

AMAR Elemental Dragon Meditation

William Kiesel Books and bookmaking

Tessa Pappas – Divinity’s Co-Creator: The Fool

Isis Indriya – Hymn writing to the Neteru

Wolfe Erikson – The Foolish Nervous System: Rituals for Chronic Health Condition Management

Marisa de la Peña – Permission to change your life

A.M. Penn – Fool for Love – the upcoming eclipses


Pamela Smith – Anahata Yoga for Mystics

Naha Armády – Solar Ritual

Jessica Chappell – Golden Dawn Tarot Divination discussion circle

Crystal Woodling – Surrealist Games – Writing the Unconscious Poetry Workshop

Stacy Harris – Shamanic Voyage – the Fool Meets Hapi

Nesrin Arican – Aşk-i Şifa Healing and Blessing of the Heart

Natasha Severino – Soundbath Integration

Artists & Makers

Tara Logsdon – Bearot Prints and Third Eye Beanies

Lisa Talbot –  Photography

Adam Smith – Prints, Stickers, Hidden Veil Tarot Deck

Sister Whisper –  Beeswax Candles

Marcella Kroll – Dressed magic Candles, Divine Oils (see above)

Maeria – Hand-dyed Tarot Satchels, cloths, scarves

Carolina Luna – Full Moon and New Moon dressed candles

Amelia Rose – Final Rose Tarot, Runners of the Sun, Lunar Calendars


Drew Linden


Amelia Rose – Fools Day poster (see above)

Eyal Eyalizer – School Icons

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