Book Club begins again Aug 7 2023

Beginning on Aug 7th and running through Sept 18th, 22 Teachings will again be hosting the Book Club featuring Israel Regardie’s The Tree of Life: An Illustrated Study in Magic


The book may be purchased through our affiliate link here. THE TREE OF LIFE by ISRAEL REGARDIE

Our 10th convergence of the 22 Teachings Book Club features a work by occultist and ceremonial magician and Israel Regardie, who most notably published the Complete Golden Dawn Ritual Manuscripts, as well as Garden of Pomegranates and the Middle Pillar. His work is of utmost inspiration for the magical system of 22 Teachings and a reference to our most widely used correspondence. Originally written in 1932, The Tree of Life is an illustrated and comprehensive study in magic for those on the path of the Western Mysteries and covers a great deal of ground from Mysticism, the Magical Art, the Qabalah, The Astral Light, Gods, Magical Techniques, Training of the Will and much more.
Refine your magical techniques and go deeper as Regardie discusses the Vibration of God Names, Skrying and Astral Projection, Grimoires, Initiation and Theurgy.
Modern editions have been annotated by Chic and Tabitha Cicero who have added valuable explanation and notes.

Due to the longer nature of this book, the group will take 6 weeks to complete it with a week off over Labor Day weekend. The chapter layout will be as follows: Please have these pages read prior to the meeting and be ready to share.

Week 1 – Aug 7 Introduction through Chapter 3

Week 2 Aug 14 Ch 4-6

Week 3 Aug 21 Ch 7-9

Week 4 Aug 28 Ch 10 -12

No Meeting Sept 4

Week 5 Sept 11 Ch 13-15

Week 6 Sept 18 Ch 16 – end (incl. glossary if desired)

This discussion will be facilitated by professional Tarot Reader, ceremonial magician, and long-time student of 22 Teachings, Jessica Chappell of Tarot de Baja.

Jessica has always been a seeker. Her journey into the metaphysical began at a young age where she started collecting crystals and working with the tarot. For 6+ years she’s been a student of 22 Teachings. She looks at reading tarot as a way to explore our human experience through hidden knowledge and a way to connect with our higher selves to receive clarification, confirmation, and the nudge required to make the changes our souls are secretly craving. A recently retired techie, she opened a tarot salon called Tarot de Baja in Todos Santos, Mexico and is doing tarot readings full time.

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