The Lantern Series II with William Kiesel

The Lantern series returns for the summer, with William Kiesel at the helm once more, bringing over 30 years of scholarship and practice as an occultist and ceremonial magician.

For this series of the Lantern, we reached out and asked you what you most desired to hear William speak about, and enlighten us on, through these conversational fireside chats taking place every other Tuesday.

From your feedback, William has chosen the next four topics of discussion for Summer 2023:

August 1st Solve Et Coagula – The alchemical process at work in one’s life. This evening also offers continuity on the theme that many have been studying with William in the Alchemy Unveiled course.

August 15th Magical Protection – A crucial topic for all on the path for which William will be joining us in-person as a part of his Summer residency at 22 Teachings. This will be a Hybrid Lantern and we hope to see you live if you can attend, otherwise will also be live on Zoom.

September 12th Esoteric Architecture – Discussion of motifs, designs and inclusion of occult symbolism on buildings, doors and rooftops.

September 26th Doors of Perception – As a magician, how we view the world is as important to consider as what it is we are looking for or at.

With all of these topics, William share his personal stories and experiments, and a wealth of knowledge which he has learned throughout a lifetime walking the path of the Great Work.

If you are looking for the previous series to purchase any Lanterns that might have slipped past you, please go to to purchase the recordings of these gems of magical mentorship.

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