Moving the Wizard: A Fundraiser


MIN GOAL: 12000
RECEIVED: 12691.8 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Updated 11.3.23 9:10PM

Thank you so much for all of you who contributed to help reach the min goal that we set to assist William with the great expense of relocation of his businesses and home to Los Angeles.

He has deeply appreciated reading your messages as well and I hope you will also consider leaving a comment of support by clicking the Comment link at the top of this post or below

Another way that you can contribute is by purchasing one of William’s many recorded classes and courses which are available HERE

Additionally, you can purchase a magical tome from Ouroboros Press at including On The Tarot by Court de Gebelin, a new translation of the first publication ever written on the tarot. Ouroboros fine occult books are limited edition and prized among book collectors and ceremonial magicians for the quality of the bookmaking and the unique and important titles from the canon of Western and Middle Eastern mysticism.

The Move

Yes, William Kiesel is moving California! With this move, William will be establishing himself in Los Angeles amongst the 22 Teachings community which has a great desire and commitment to the magical education and resource he can provide, as well as the greater magical community of this region which has such a deep history both spiritual and occult.

Let’s face, it, LA’s got “the juice”.

This huge undertaking is going to require funds and assistance not only to relocate him, his home and vast personal library, but also the moving of Ouroboros Press, his publishing company of fine Occult book arts. Moving this great amount of inventory and finding appropriate locations in Los Angeles as well as the logistics of it all is no small task. William is also the proprietor of Mortlake and Co. occult bookstore and gallery, and bringing his goods from the bookstore for the potential of opening the bookstore in LA is an additional piece of the puzzle.

Our community at 22 Teachings exists because William has imparted the spark to me and been my magical mentor for going on 20 years. Now is the time to rally and show him support. We are aiming to raise a minimum of $12000 to assist with the many expenses that this move includes.

If you are able to contribute any amount, please click the button above, where you can donate through paypal or with a credit or debit card. We are updating the page daily as donations come in.

Thank you all so much for the assistance, encouragement, and love that you are showing to William during this big change which truth be told, can be even harder for a Taurus πŸ˜‰




  1. I’ve just enrolled in William’s Alchemy Level 1 course, and I’m absolutely thrilled about it! William is an incredible educator and orator. He possesses both a grounded, approachable demeanor and a profound reservoir of magical wisdom and knowledge. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have him as part of the school!

  2. Along with my donation, I send blessings for finding the most magical of locations for your home and business ventures. My grandma has been intervening in these matters for me since she passed in 2005, so I’ve reached out to her as well on your behalf πŸ™‚ LVX

  3. As a Taurus rising to a Taurus sun may this move be fruitful and the lessons learned to bring light and truth to all humankind. I am so excited to take your offered class and look forward to being able to study with you! All of the blessings on this transitional journey! Kairos Kai Synchronia ! ❀️

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