“Double Crowns of Mazalot” the Hexad Workings of the AM Lodge

Beginning September 2nd, 2023, the Arboretum Mysticum Occult Lodge begins a new theurgic rite: “The Double Crowns of Mazalot” otherwise known as the zodical hexad workings.

This work is born out of the Shem Working, during which in-depth analysis and invocation led to a restoration and an evolution of magical work with these 72 names of God. Extracting the essence from the analysis, the arborist will now work with Zodiacal Hexagrams created from the names and engraved with the Elders, the banners of Tetragrammaton and the Zodical Angels.

This work will focus more deeply on theurgic Zodical magic, including talismanic work with the hexads, activations of the Minor arcana triads, healing on the zodically attributed areas in the body, balance of virtues and vices of the signs, and invocations of the Zodiac Angels in the interior temple.

This working will take place over 12 weeks from September 2nd until November 25th, and include a live date in New York as well as a 13th convergence led by the luminaries.

While you are still welcome to sign up week by week, we are encouraging Arborists to purchase a special pass which grants access to all 13 weeks, includes a special laminated card and also allows in-person attendees to skip the check in line. More importantly, this is a way for arborists to commit to the working and see it through to the end.

Sign up for the FastPass here and commit to the entire 3 month working.


9.2.23 Hexad of Aries
9.9.23 Hexad of Taurus
9.16.23 Hexad of Gemini

Upcoming Events

9.23.23 Hexad of Cancer
9.30.23 Hexad of Leo
10.7.23 Luminaries Lodge
10.14.23 Hexad of Virgo
10.21.23 Hexad of Libra
10.28.23 Hexad of Scorpio
11.11.23 Hexad of Sagittarius
11.17.23 Hexad of Capricorn
11.18.23 Hexad of Aquarius
11.25.23 Hexad of Pisces

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