[Rec] Retrograde Ritual with Naha


Retrograde Ritual
Officiant: Naha Armády
Prerequisite: None
Recorded Sept 2022

This ritual group working is intended to use the planetary retrogrades for a beneficial application, while banishing their negative influence.

Ritual includes:


Opening of the Veil

Purification and Consecration

Appeal to the guides

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram and Analysis of the Keyword

Invocation of the Reversed Magician

Rite of the 6 Rayed Star


Contemplative journal exercise

Banishing Hexagram of Mercury.

Rose Cross Ritual

Closing Ceremonies. (LBRP, Closing of the Veil)

Online Participants:

Please have a place where you are free from distraction,  and enough room to spread your arms for ritual movements.

Have a journal and something to write with

You will want to have an altar set up for this working, which can be as simple as a tea light and a cup of water, or as elaborate as you wish. The power of the ritual lies in the sincerity of your practice and not in multitude of supplies, though these things can assist you in creating a favorable environment to do the work.

Optional supplies:

  • Orange Candle
  • Water for purification
  • Incense for consecrating and banishing – copal works well, so does sage
  • A common herb for mercury is lavender, and if you have lavender you can burn it during the ritual, add it to water, or steep it as a tea before the ritual begins.
  • The Magician card from your tarot deck.
  • offerings of Star Anise, or
  • Caduceus
  • Mercury dimes
  • Lilies and Red Roses.
  • Offerings in the #8 (if you offer fruits, nuts, or flowers, for example, have 8 to place on the altar)

Please note:

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