William Kiesel Spring Residency

William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press and Mortlake and Co. will be joining us for a teaching residency in Los Angeles for the month of May.

William will be presenting Thoth-Hermes – Three-Fold Avatar of Hermeticism. The series includes practical arcana for the ritual use of God-Forms, Invocation, and Magical Texts of the Patron of the Magical Arts. This presentation will take place in person at the school on 3 consecutive Wednesdays beginning May 4th. These teachings will also be broadcast live on Zoom for our remote students.

If you missed this event, you may purchase the 3 night recording here:

On May 4th, the school celebrates the 3 year anniversary of our physical location and dedication of our school temple. Our entire faculty will be present for our open house and Naha and William will be presenting On The Tarot – the collaborative release with 22 Teachings and Ouroboros Press of Tarot’s premier essays.

William will also be presenting at the Arboretum Mysticum Lodge and joining us for Pathworking Ritual in May.