Tarot Readers Roundtable Video Classes with the Pros

Attn Tarot Students – We have recently reduced the price of all of our Reader’s Roundtables to $5 for our 10 pre-recorded sessions.

These sessions provide discussion and commentary from our faculty and special guests who are highly regarded professionals in card divination. In each session, you will learn new techniques and gain insights to deepen your practice as a reader and your understanding of the tarot.

Session I with Naha
Session II with Naha and Theresa Reed
Session III with Naha
Session IV with Naha and Noelle
Session V with Vanessa “Cocreation”
Session VI with Naha & Vanessa “Boundaries”
Session VII with Naha “Zodiacal Majors and GD Decks”
Session VIII with Naha & Special Guest Rachel True
Session IX with Naha and Special Guest Andrew Martin
Session X with Naha and Special Guest Marcella Kroll