LVX AESTIVA Origins & Plans

Naha shares new directives from the guides on the creation of the new Arboretum Mysticum holiday LVX Aestiva – a summer celebration of magic: the archetype of the Magician Key I, a holy day to honor Hermes Trismegistus, three-fold avatar of Hermes-Mercury-Thoth, an expression of Hod – the 8th sphere of splendor on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, and an opportunity to gather with our magical community.

LVX AESTIVA takes place on Wednesday August 23rd 2023. Ritual gatherings are confirmed for New York, Bay Area, Seattle, Des Moines, Chile, Edmonton Alberta, Germany, Connecticut, North Carolina, Melbourne, Houston, and Utah so far, and we are adding additional locations as we confirm hosts including Nevada City, Phoenix and Portland.

We have the forum for the event up now, you may use this to find 22ers in your region to meet up with, share ideas, and ask questions.

Watch the video for more information and please direct queries to find a celebration in your area

To attend our ritual celebration at the school in LA, find tickets HERE

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