William Kiesel Summer Residency 2023

This summer, join William Kiesel at the school for an excellent selection of magical training, teaching and ritual workings. Please note that some rituals and rites are presented in person only.

William is taking one-one-one mentoring and consultations, in-person or on zoom. The rate is $150 per hour and can be booked by texting the school at 323-362-2615

William will also be bringing a selection of Ouroboros Press titles for purchase in the Magicians Mercantile.

William continues the Lantern series with a special live discussion on Magical Protection:

Tues Aug 15th 7-8:30pm [Hybrid]
The Lantern: Magical Protection with William Kiesel

For those who have done the Lunar Mansions course, on the New Moon he is offering The Lunar Rite of Al-Jabbah & Invocation of Ardesiel:

Weds Aug 16th 8pm [In-person]
Heart of the Lion Lunar Mansion Rite with William

$22 Please register by 7pm to receive handout and instructions

For two weeks at the AM Lodge, William will be joining Naha in officiating, and on the 19th they will be discussion their magical lineage and the chains of correspondence through generations of ceremonial magicians.

Sat August 19th 11am [Hybrid]
Arboretum Mysticum: Lineage and Channels of LVX with William and Naha
By Donation, Suggested $15

William will offer a very special in-person Rosicrucian Healing Service, which you will be familiar with if you took the 6-week Rosicrucian Mysteries course. There is no prerequisite to attend and space is limited.

For our new school holiday LVX AESTIVA, William will be performing the Invocation of the Mirror – the Lunar Rite as a part of our greater planetary invocation and celebration of Hermes Trismegistus.

Wed Aug 23rd 2023
LVX AESTIVA School Holy Day
[In-person] Tickets for Los Angeles Event
Rites of the 7 Planetary Lights

$20 all proceeds go to student scholarship fund

On the 26th, William returns to the Lodge to share personal stories about Prague, and why it is such a special city for magicians and alchemists. Naha and William will lead an alchemical journey to Prague in the autumn of 2024

Sat August 26th 11am [Hybrid]
Arboretum Mysticum: Occult Adventures in Prague with William and Naha
By Donation, Suggested $15

Sun August 27th 7pm [In-Person]
The Heart Bloom – Rosicrucian Healing Service
With William Kiesel
$20 please register by 6pm if possible

We look forward to seeing you during William’s summer residency. Although he will return back to Seattle at the end of the month, he will still be offering the Lantern, with the topics which follow here:

Tues September 12th 7-8:30PM [Online]
The Lantern: Esoteric Architecture
with William Kiesel


Tues September 26th 7-8:30PM [Online]
The Lantern: Doors of Perception
with William Kiesel


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