Frank Paul

Frank Paul is a writer, intuitive and teacher. He offers readings and writing workshops to help individuals find their authenticity and let go of any blockages that might get in the way like false selves and unhealthy patterns. His approach to healing is laid-back and gentle, giving clients a safe space for genuine self-exploration, while also grounded and practical, making abstract ideas simple and clear. He comes from a background in writing, spirituality and psychology, having consistently studied poetry, tarot and astrology and doing his own work in therapy, including being in school now to become a therapist. For the last eight years, he’s been recovering from dysfunctional patterns of anxiety, dissociation and codependency to integrate all parts of self through creativity and intuitive work, and now pays it forward by helping clients find the same spiritual integrity. Originally from Westchester, New York, Frank moved to Los Angeles in 2015. He also hosts the podcast Frank Show

Services offered: Tarot, To book call or text (323)-362-2615 or Online Booking

Frank Show Podcast

Frank shares insights and personal anecdotes from a spiritual and psychological perspective. Central themes are authenticity, creativity and self-integration, and the discussions are direct and warm. This is not self-help or advice. Each episode is meant for listeners to just reflect on these ideas and how they relate to them. Available on:

S2 E2 “Dark Matter and the Unconscious – Metaphor Experiment w/ Chat GPT” Frank Show

The journey into the universe within continues…a meditation on the structure of family, forces in the cosmos and the necessity of learning…a reflection on the infinite unknown out there and in here…open your heart, press play and most likely stop paying attention while it’s on in the background. This week, the metaphor experiment with Chat GPT focuses on dark matter, its gravitational pull, the unconscious, individuation and lots more, to come to new insights about ourselves and the psyche.
  1. S2 E2 “Dark Matter and the Unconscious – Metaphor Experiment w/ Chat GPT”
  2. S2 EP1 “Black Holes and Fear of Death, Metaphor Experiment w/ ChatGPT”
  3. Ep. 21 – The service of the artist, part 3: Beyond the Confessional
  4. Ep. 20 – The service of the artist, part 2: Integration
  5. Ep. 19 – The Legendary Lance Loud