Frank Paul

Frank works to connect individuals to their highest selves through Tarot reading and energy healing. Frank’s mystical studies began in 2012 when he first started studying the Tarot, and over the last few years has committed himself to his own transformative work. Before moving to Los Angeles, Frank received a BA in Creative Writing and Literature from SUNY Purchase College and an MFA in Poetry Writing from Columbia University. His current focuses as a student include overcoming codependency and ritual magic.

Services offered: Tarot, Energy Healing, Vibrational Writing Session

Vibrational Writing Session with Frank – $100 – 60min

Powerful shifts can be felt through the vibrational medicine of words. In this 1-hour session, clients use their voice on the page to take an active role in their healing and growth. Frank works as an intuitive coach, using his empathic abilities to deliver messages from the client’s guides, discovering what to focus on, then channeling meditative writing prompts to help them say what they need. Clients are assisted through the writing process without judgement and need no prior writing experience. They can expect to feel empowered by their own voice, grounded in guidance, and inspired to do more transformative work.

“I had an amazing Vibrational Writing Session with Frank! I am one of those ‘perfectionist’ people who basically writes and deletes, and write and deletes…..deletes some more until I am left with nothing. However, Frank was able to guide me with the exact questions to help me get my thoughts/answers onto paper! It was mind blowing actually – I have no doubts that our guides were connected and he knew exactly what I needed to know to help me overcome my block! On top of everything, he also came forward with some affirmations for me to work with in my own time. I appreciate this a lot and I cannot wait for our next session!” – Alice

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