[Rec] 2-part series Optimizing your Ritual Practice: How to Magic 2023 with Naha


How to Magic – Optimizing your Ritual Practice 2023
Teacher: Naha
Presented in 2 parts, each 2.5 hours.

As students of 22 Teachings, you are serious about your magical studies. You have written and read, learned some rituals, you have been practicing magic, but perhaps there are some gaps in understanding between all of the study and the actual practice. Maybe you are unsure which order to do certain parts, or the appropriate frequency of performing rituals, or need help connecting the pieces together, or feel your rituals could be made more powerful, or need more understanding of why you are doing each step. The “why” is important!

This 2-part class is designed to help you empower your practice, help you to feel more confident in your magical path, and make your ritual workings more effective.

  • Building personal intentional ritual
  • When to follow the script vs freestyle
  • How to recharge a ritual that feels weak
  • Ritual preparations for the senses
  • Purification and Consecration considerations
  • Order of Rituals – how to layer and stack the parts of your practice and why
  • The elemental aspects of ritual and movement through the Four Qabalistic Worlds
  • Altars, Prayer and Meditation tips
  • Declarations and affirmations
  • Incorporating your magic tools into rituals
  • Opening and Closing the Circle
  • Aligning rituals with the Planets throughout the week.

Please note: Naha does not be teaching rituals themselves in this class, this is not a ritual training. It is intended for those students who already have some experience and practice and are looking to organize and amplify their tools and knowledge.

It is ok if you have not learned formal rituals yet but have some magical knowledge and are ready to take the next step.

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