Special Guest Teachers for Next Week’s Roundtables

We’re very excited that we have two very special Guest Teachers returning to teach and offer their wisdom at 22 Teachings next week.

William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press, the highly esteemed occult publisher bookarts.org as well as the founder of the annual Esoteric Book Conference in the Northwest, will be back on Wednesday night for the Magicians Roundtable. This is an opportunity to ask him any follow-up questions from the 3-night series “Hermetic Enigmas of the Esoteric Tradition” earlier this month and go deeper with the teachings from his lectures.

The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed, beloved author, amazing teacher and pillar of the Tarot Community, taught two amazing courses on Tarot and Astrology last October and will be back on Friday night for the Readers Roundtable. She and Naha will answer your questions about anything you wish to ask about your tarot practice.

Please submit your questions for the Roundtables to 22teachings@gmail.com with either “Readers Roundtable” or “Magicians Roundtable” as the subject

We hope to see you there!