AM Lodge December: Luminaries at the Helm

December is such a very special month for the AM Lodge. Once year ago, in 2021, we were preparing for the onset of the Shem Working, our most ambitious and important magical working to date. Every week throughout the year we have unfolded and awoken the names of God, and with 72 in all, we have completed 46 of them. We will recommence the names in January, but in the interim, the Lodge will be full of the magic of the Luminaries, which is the name we have given to those Arborists who participate online, as they shine light in the Lodge from all over the world.

Please join us for some of these amazing events, participation is by donation.

Sat Dec 10th 11am [Online]
AM Lodge: Unity, Union, Reflection and the Death Meditation

Sat Dec 17th 11am [Online]
AM Lodge: Hosted by the Lodge Luminaries
Inner Egypt

Sat Dec 24th 11am [Online]
AM Lodge: Hosted by Lodge Luminaries
Master of the Blue Cape by Manly P Hall and creative channeling

Sat Dec 31st 11am [Online]
AM Lodge: hosted by Lodge Luminaries
2023 Visi
ons of the Future

Please click the links to sign up and for more information. This is an important opportunity for these Luminaries to lead the group in Breathwork, Opening Rituals, Invocation of the Keys, Solar Adorations, Meditation into the Interior Temple, and magical discussion. Please support your fellow students in their brave stepping forward to hold space and channel magic for all of you.

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