[Hybrid] Hermetic Qabalah III with Naha “The Serpent and the Sword”


Hermetic Qabalah Level III “The Serpent and the Sword”
Wednesdays & Thursdays, September 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th & 21st 7-9pm
Instructor: Naha Armády
Prerequisites:   Hermetic Qabalah Level One: Reinitiation (all 6 classes), Hermetic Qabalah Level Two: Rituals, Sigils and Rites, LBRP Training

For those students who have completed Hermetic Qabalah I & II, and who are grounded in their LBRP practice, this 6-part course is the next stage in the training of ceremonial magic and deeper study.

With understanding and experience of the Analysis of the Keyword and Hexagram ritual, the Rose Cross ritual, the Rose Cross Lamen and Sigilmaking, and the invoking rituals of the Netivot of the Tree of Life, initiates can advance their magic and deepen their practice through the teachings of Level III.

The work will unfold in 6 parts presented in pairs over 3 weeks, which will allow time for contemplation and practice and integration.

Students might think of this as unfolding in 3 acts.

Just as with HQ I and II, this is not just a class or a training, but is a magical working and an initiation which will assist the progress of the practitioner and take them


  • Theory and Practice of Qabalistic High Magic Invocation
  • Esoteric keys and formulas of the signs and elements
  • Rising on the Planes ritual
  • The Serpents Path and the Flaming Sword as mediums for energy
  • Subrosa Rites in the tradition of the Western Mysteries.

*Please make sure you have completed all prerequisites above before signing up for this class

*Upon checkout, download the PDF with the Zoom link.