Officiant: Naha Armády
Length of event: 90 min – 2 hrs
Prerequisite:  LBRP training, Pathworking Ritual Training
Recorded for absentees: Yes

22 Teachings & AM Lodge present Pathworking on the Tree of Life

Pathworking on the Tree of Life, also called skrying in the Spirit Vision, the Path of Return, or the Serpent’s Path, is a potent magical undertaking in the Western Mystery Tradition and an important part of the Great Work.

This complete Pathworking series includes a 2-part Ritual training, 33 individual rituals and guided astral projections, and three supplemental roundtables. Our head of faculty Naha serves as the facilitator of these journeys, and she has written the series through a combination of her research, experiences, and channeling.

While you may proceed at your own pace, it is recommended to allow at least one year to complete the series, and not rush through it. One path every other week is a good pace for this practice.

Traveling through each sefirah and along the netivot, partaking in each landscape and temple, meeting the inhabitants, guides and deities, the magician experiences the tree as a metaphysical adventure: a rich and vast wonderland of lessons, challenges, insights and revelations, both profoundly personal and powerfully illuminating.

Presented in Qabalistic High Magic, each Pathworking is a ritual ceremony, an astral projection, and an initiation, exploring the Tree of Life as practiced by the famed occultists the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, yet unique to the 22 Teachings school in refined ritual and script.

In these sessions, participants not only explore the mysteries from the inside out, but deepen their understanding of the 22 archetypes, the Hebrew letters, magical symbolism, theurgy, tarot, astrology, and alchemy.

While the two prerequisites listed are required, it is also suggested to have completed the Hermetic Qabalah Reinitiation series before performing the Pathworking series. Knowing how to draw the Hebrew letters, and the correspondences of the tarot are fundamentals which should be practiced before Pathworking.

Recording the experience in your journal after each return will assist you in bringing the lessons and wisdom gained through your initiation into your material reality.

LBRP and Pathworking Ritual Trainings are the prerequisites for this working:

The Pathworkings are offered on a sliding scale, we ask that you pay what you can.

The supplemental Roundtables offer assistance and answer questions along the way


These workings are intended to be worked in the traditional order – listed below, beginning with Malkhut, then Tav, Yesod, and so on.

Available recordings: