Transformative Writing Ritual Workshop

Name of Class: Transformative Writing
Instructor: Frank Paul
Length of event: 1.5 hrs
Prerequisite: none

In this monthly workshop, Frank leads the group through a series of meditative writing prompts. Through writing, participants come to breakthrough understandings, release emotion, and practice authentic self-expression, creating powerful, healing shifts. This ritual workshop provides a safe space where participants can write while feeling the support of the group. The goal for participants is not to set high standards or expectations on their writing, but rather to feel comfortable to explore, develop their voice and find themselves through writing.

Please have a notebook and pen.

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“Never in a title was there a more genuine promise – transformative indeed! Frank Paul helps you finally and easily align with the page, creating that so very needed space for your most authentic and releasing word. Through guided meditation and real-time writing prompts (so in tune with your pen its hair raising – really!) you’ll recalibrate letter by written letter. Sometimes just a few words are all it takes to tune in and unlock that thing that may have been known, or completely unknown, but so desperately relieved to have been transmuted. Frank Paul is a gentle and authoritative guide in that process. His voice and spirit turn the warm light on within and ignites the way to discovery.” – Vanessa