New Arboretum Mysticum Lodge Recordings

Book T is the Tarot source work of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which outlines the esoteric titles of the cards. In the Lodge, we have been studying the letter correspondences in the Major Arcana and invoking the Arcana in our Interior Temple Meditations. This provides insight to the Arcana within and activates the cards as interior teachers. Over the last three weeks, we have invoked “The Dweller Between the Waters” (the Star), “The Children of the Arcana” (the Lovers, the Chariot, Death, the Devil and the Moon) as well as delved into a study of the Mother Letters (Aleph, Mem and Shin) and their correspondences.

These recordings are each are each 2 hours long and include ritual, meditation, and study. These audio downloads also come with visuals of the chalkboard to follow along.

We hope you’ll listen to these recordings, deepen your understanding of these cards and explore the arcana within yourself.