Words as vibrations by frank

When I first started therapy years ago in New York, my therapist asked me to examine my self-talk, explaining that words are vibrations that have effects on the body, mind and spirit. She told me about a book called “The Hidden Messages in Water,” that showed images of water crystals that had been spoken to with different words, and explained that water that had been told high vibrational words had beautiful and symmetrical crystalline structures, while water that had been told lower vibrational words had broken ones. She told me some clients would say their daily affirmations into water, and then drink it to internalize the higher vibrations of the affirmations, and asked if that was something I’d be open to trying. I immediately said no, awkwardly laughed and said it was a little too woo-woo even for me. She knew I was into tarot and astrology, and was also herself, being a quadruple Scorpio. She laughed and let it go, and I don’t think we talked about it again. 

Funny enough, years later in LA, I found and bought that book for a dollar at a thrift store, and these days, I gladly admit that I sometimes send positive thoughts and even talk out loud to my water before drinking it. I figure what’s the difference since I talk to myself all day, and talking into water to raise my vibration seems less weird than being stuck in the fucked up loop of my unconscious thinking, which actually terrifies me. Having a little more consciousness, a little more agency, and a little more direction in a day has gone a long way in terms of growth for me. And using just my voice and a few high-vibrational words to shift my energy has been the most healing. 

We know we’re made of mostly water, and are just as receptive to words, projections and thoughts, not only from people around us but our own too. Thinking about words that way, writing has turned into a safe space to rewrite my inner dialogue. We all know so much of who and what we are as humans is conditioned by outside things like family, culture and society, and we can become fragmented trying to appease them all at the same time. We can internalize those voices so much we think they are our own, and live with the unconscious belief every situation requires us to bend for it. In writing I’ve been able to practice being myself and figure out who that is and what he sounds like. I’ve been able to slowly detach from the pattern of trying to be who I think I have to be, and feel whole and at peace with myself. Having a voice on the page has helped me come forward as an individual, and be who I want to be, rather than just who and what I was told I had to. 

Not without a ton more unmentioned mistakes, these experiences are what the teachings and work have come out of. Students are learning to use writing for transformation. They are learning about themselves and what makes them them by exploring their voice on the page. They are also learning to use the vibrations of words with intention for positive effects. By healing through writing, they’re taking an active role in their growth and learning to rewrite self-limiting stories into new ones where they consciously choose who they want to be. Writing is empowering them to just be themselves and say what they feel. 

I’m really excited about where the Writing Dept is headed, and without sounding too cheesy am beyond grateful that anyone would consider participating and let me work as a guide for their voice. And if any of this sounds interesting to you, (warning here’s the #shamelessplug), Metaphysical Poetry 6-week workshop is back on February 19th, Transformative Writing ritual workshop is getting more and more grounded with each monthly meetup, and I’m about to start offering a new service called “Intuitive Writing Healing,” where clients can do writing in a 1-on-1 setting with me and also receive intuitive guidance and hands-on high vibrational energy work. You can find all the details below, I hope you’ll come for a workshop or session soon!