[Video Class] Ancestral Healing and Magic with Madre Jaguar


Ancestral Healing and Magic
with special guest teacher Madre Jaguar
recorded 2023

Since times immemorial, people across the globe have held ceremonies and rituals to honor the ancestors, feed them, seek their advice and appease them. It is believed that the dead dont die, but rather ascend to another level of existence, from which they can look on and assist the living. From this higher level, the Ancestors can guide us in our daily lives, intercede on our behalf and protect us in times of need. 

Even if you dont know who your ancestors are, your ancestors know YOU! Many people are familiar with feeling lost, disconnected and hungry for a sense of belonging after generations of trauma, displacement, oppression, colonialism, etcWe carry these burdens within our families and our bodies – but we also carry the blessings, the magic and the medicine that is our birthright as descendants of our lineages.  

During this special event guided by Madre Jaguar, you will learn ways to contact and connect with your ancestors, how to create a spiritual connection with the other side, how to create sacred space to honor your ancestors and make offerings for the purpose of healing, guidance and empowerment in your current life.   

Please have with you:

  • Notebook and pen to take notes.
  • For your altar: A small altar cloth or special fabric youd like to use.
  • Photos, Drawings, Objects that represent your ancestors or belonged to them.
  • Incense, Herbs to smudge.
  • A candle.
  • A glass or bowl with water.
  • Flowers. 

Madre Jaguar is a Curandera, Reiki Master, Clairvoyant Oracle, Tarot Reader, Birth Doula and Intuitive Artist. 

Madre Jaguar has always walked between the worlds. Ever since they can remember, Madre Jaguar has experienced visions, prophetic dreams, visitations and a strong clear connection to their Spirit team. They are the child of Salvadoran immigrants; of Nahual, Mayan, Pipil, and Garifuna descent, born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Mexico, where they currently reside. 

A passion for helping others and a strong desire to propel positive change in the world, led Madre Jaguar on a path of self-discovery, reclaiming of ancestral practices and the exploration of different healing modalities including Curanderismo, Reiki and Energy Healing, Shamanic Practices, Folk Magic, Herbalism and Tarot. They have studied with indigenous healers and teachers in Mexico, Central and South America. 

Madre Jaguar believes that Love is our super power. As human beings we are here to bless and be blessed by all of creation. Harmony and Joy are our birthright. Through their healing practice, readings, classes and projects Madre Jaguars goal is to help you connect with the inner power, wisdom and magic that lies within; all while helping you remember your Divine origin and unique soul purpose. 

Social Media, website: www.iammadre.com / IG: @Madre.Jaguar 

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